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And so to bed...

May 23 2009
The design challenge: what on earth to do with old mattresses They're as common a sight on city streets as the swelling ranks of the homeless; yet they're rarely seen in a soup kitchen, and are unlikely to take advantage of any employment or training advice you might care to offer. We speak, of course, of the humble mattress. The alarming increase in the street presence of these selfless objects led to the savvy cohorts at San Francisco-based Architecture For Humanity - who famously develop smart solutions for those in housing crisis such as disaster zones - and Rubicon National Social Innovations, to launch a competition for designers from around the world to create innovative ways of converting old mattresses into useful products. The design competition aims to encourage entrants to form groups capable of creating a consumer product, along with detailed and simple instructions on how to make the product, as well as clear plans for its production on a larger scale. Entrants must create designs that take into account the enormous volume of mattress waste generated each year. From the tide of sagging mattresses we've seen on Glasgow's streets alone, we humbly suggest the council bulk-orders the winning design... watch this space!