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A dozen overdoses

May 23 2009
Contaminated smack fells residents at two London hostels A recent drug alert reported that at least a dozen residents of two London hostels overdosed on a contaminated batch of heroin on the evening of Monday, 17th November. According to a Drug Action Team, 10 residents from King George's Hostel in Victoria and a 'similar number' in Look Ahead Victoria sought treatment after taking a dangerous version of the highly addictive drug. None of the overdoses was fatal. A spokesperson added: "It is suspected, but not confirmed, that it is coming from a drugs market south of the river" and urged all local services to alert known users. Carly Peterson, head of communication for the Look Ahead Group that manages the Victoria hostel, confirmed that four individuals had sought hospital treatment but had been released from medical care on the same day. The high instance of overdose has reignited criticism of hostel security, as most hostels claim to have a zero tolerance of drug abuse.