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Lidl says sorry

May 23 2009
Supermarket expresses "regret" for pouring poisoning discarded food to discourage freegans The budget supermarket has expressed "regret" after workers at one of its Swedish stores contaminated discarded food in a bid to deter the homeless. Lidl employees last month poured toxic cleaning fluids over leftover produce because they had become fed up of homeless people raiding their rubbish bins. Local newspaper Mitt i Solna reported the staff then put up a sign near the bins stating that the food had been poisoned. As food has continued to disappear from the bins since the staff began poisoning it, it remains unknown if anyone has been affected. Lidl's chief executive Mathias Kivikoski said in a statement: "We deeply regret what has happened, and this is not something the company recommends or permits." When UK charity Centrepoint, which receives food donations from supermarkets, was told about the occurrence in Sweden, it expressed concern and said it could never imagine this happening in the city. Spokeswoman Alex Bolton said: "This story is very concerning, as many people struggle on the streets each night without a safe place to call home and without the basic necessities that many people take for granted. "We have had very positive support from the supermarkets that make donations to our services - especially in the run-up to Christmas, a particularly difficult time for homeless young people - and it is a shame that a few employees from one supermarket have done this."