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Credit crunch Christmas - recession hits homeless charity

May 23 2009
Welsh charity Adref anticipates an increase in repossessions will increase demand for its services A charity in Wales is expecting demand for its services to rocket if more people become homeless as the recession kicks in. David Jones, director of Adref, predicts a greater need for its 10 hostel beds and outreach services in Merthyr Tydfil between February and March next year, when more people are forced onto the streets as the economy falls into recession. "We anticipate the current financial situation, an increase in mortgage repossessions and debt carried through the Christmas period to cause an increase in demand for our services in spring." Adref, one of two charities in the area, has been unable to meet local needs for its services since its opening because of limited resources. When the housing project with Merthyr Tydfil Housing Association was set up five years ago, no one had an idea about the extent of the problem. "We have always been between 70 and 80 per cent over subscribed," Mr Jones explained. The charity has made numerous applications to the Welsh Assembly Government for funding to expand and meet demand, but was told no cash was available, so Adref plans to maximise the outreach services where its employees support people in their homes in the hope of preventing future homelessness. "This is a very cost-effective way of ensuring that people can maintain their homes, and prevents them from becoming homeless," Mr Jones said.