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Russian bomb hoaxer seeks good food

May 23 2009
He wanted to return to jail and have three square meals a day A homeless Russian man deliberately tried to get back into prison to get regular "good food". He had been released from jail in Yekaterinburg, in the Russian Urals, the previous month. Less than a week after his release, he raised a bomb scare in the city's train station. According to local news sources, Yekaterinburg police said they arrested the man, who had threatened to blow up the station, after evacuating passengers and staff. However, they found no explosive device. Shortly after the incident, the man confessed he wanted to go back to jail where he would not have to worry about finding food. He is being held pending a trial. If he is found guilty, satisfying nourishment will be the least of his worries: he could be detained for up to three years.