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The homeless heroes - the cast

May 23 2009
Artwork by Mike Donaldson Artwork by Mike Donaldson
A Who‘s Who of our new homeless superhero cartoon The Cardboard Shield Alex Prowse is from the Black Country, and been on the streets for years. Seldom seen by others on the street, he keeps himself to himself. He has no costume, but is mainly seen in dark clothes and a black leather jacket. When needed he appears, and protects anyone being threatened or assaulted. Grabbing cardboard it becomes stronger than steel, stopping knives, bullets and anything else thrown at it. When he drops it, it becomes normal cardboard again. No reason for his power has ever been found, but he says he's "always 'ad it - born with it." Rough Diamond Welshman Dominic Jones is the Rough Diamond, found on the streets as a rough sleeper, but sometimes in a Cardiff hostel. His red and green costume appears on him when he activates the 'diamond' he found in a stream on the Brecon Beacons. The diamond motif appears on his chest where it hangs on a string, and makes the wearer as hard as diamond. Stays on the streets, mostly in Cardiff and London, as he says "It's where I'm needed, and if you want to see crime, the street's the place." Street Shield He fell from the stars, and landed on the streets - Shield Street, London. No one, not even the man himself, knows how 'Martin Smith,' the name taken from the label of a coat he was loaned, came to earth, or how he got his powers or what he's doing there. But if there's trouble, someone's attacked, or is being abused, he'll be there. At the blink of an eye he'll be in his blue and black uniform, bearing the motif of a comet. He can fly, shoot beams from his hands, and has hyper-senses, but only when his costume is 'on'. The Golden Blanket Malcolm Fraser was sleeping rough in Inverness, Glasgow, and Edinburgh. When in a Scottish city the Sally Army gave him a blanket one winter, except this particular blanket was a rare Persian rug (which, with a faded pattern, looked like a beige blanket) with magical powers - when wrapped around his shoulders he can disappear, teleport or read minds. Missing Man A figure seen in the shadows, who's never fully seen and is a shade. He is or has been homeless. He travels in the shadows, is partly made of them, and talks to all the heroes, sometimes coordinating their joint efforts.