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Questioning the statistics

May 23 2009
A reader asks whether Westminster‘s figure cover multiple referrals Dear Editor,

Do you know whether Westminster City Council's figure of 750 people helped off the street [provided by Councillor Philippa Roe, cabinet member for housing, in a letter to The Pavement, Issue 35] covers multiple referrals? In other words, if Bill Bloggs goes into a hostel, is kicked out and is then referred into another hostel, does this count as two people "helped off the street" or one? The answer to this would make all the difference in understanding the value of the figures.

Steve Barnes

Simon Community

Always wary of statistics, even for our own use, we asked for clarity from Westminster City Council. A spokeswoman told us they did not count re-referrals and that they "can confirm that the number is 750 separate individuals."