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Good energy

May 24 2009
The Lochalsh & Skye Housing Association wins award in the Green Energy Awards 2008 The Lochalsh & Skye Housing Association, which was set up in 1983 as an independent non-profit service, has won the Best Renewable Project award in the Green Energy Awards 2008, held at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh. This award recognized the work that the organization has been doing in order to produce renewable energy and quality affordable housing. Owing to its continuous progress of researching to improve its services, the Association has received concerted recognition over the years. Besides the Green Awards, the Association won Scotland's top award for its energy-efficiency commitment at the EAS Energy Savers Award 2008. The Association also achieved the Saltire Society award last year for house designs at properties in Coishletter in Edinbane. The year before, in 2007, the Association won a Highly Commended award at the National Energy Efficiency Awards in London, in recognition of its work towards improving energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and fuel poverty. In that year, the new properties at Home Farm (Portree) were provided with heat pumps, which are increasingly seen as the future of the heating, since they supply central heating and hot water with bills which people can really afford. Moreover, tenants were given low energy light bulbs and Power Down devices. The latest step for the Association is the installation of solar panels in the new properties at Campbells farm, Broadford, which are capable of providing up to 50 per cent of each household's hot water. Since the very beginning, the association has been focused on the needs of the people it serves, so it has always worked through an open development programme to offer a valued service to the community. Apart from the energy commitment, this association of charitable status is also concerned with finding housing solutions for elderly and disabled people. In so doing, the idea is that anyone can afford a house of their own, which as we know, is one of the aims to be achieved by 2012.