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Street drinking measures spread

May 24 2009
Archway‘s controlled drinking zone will not give street drinkers access to care and support, say critics Islington council, London, is to introduce widespread measures to combat street drinking in the Archway and Upper Holloway area. Responding to a poll about the issues that most affect local residents, the council is implementing a range of measures to 'clean up' the area, including regular street patrols, which will be run by the council and police, with support from drugs and alcohol charity the Pilion Trust for 10 weeks, beginning in early February. The Better Archway Forum wants a ban on street drinking in Archway and Upper Holloway, and a restriction on the increasing number of local shops licensed to sell alcohol. Similar schemes, spurred on by resident's associations, have been put in place around King's Cross and Westminster, though detractors have pointed out that such schemes can simply drive street drinkers into different areas, rather than providing them with necessary care and support.