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Poncho\'s back

May 24 2009
One reader will not be hounded off the streets and into some hell of a hostel Dear Editor,

Operation Poncho is back! Please find enclosed my last two pink slips [form 386 given out as stop/search record]. At the moment, it is only once a week in my street, just off Fleet Street, but it can only get worse. It is just the same as last time, with City of London Police and a Corporation of London water bowser, but no one from the Broadway City outreach team. They must all be tucked up in their nice little beds at 1.20am on a Saturday morning.

God save the City of London rough sleeper community from the inhumane harassment they are once more getting from the City of London Corporation and police and the so-called homeless charity Broadway. I, for one, will not be hounded off the streets of the City of London into some hell of a hostel run by the homeless industry - not after my last experience.

Peter Full
name provided, by post

Dear Peter,

Thank you for your letter and we're still following the story. As we go to press, talks are taking place around what's going on in the City - see story on page 13.

The BBC has called the office, so there'll be more coverage on television, which we'll link to from our website. Hopefully, the more exposure the policy receives, the more likely it is that it will be reassessed. The fact that you and many other readers are receiving so many pink slips means we'll be looking at this as its own story in the next two months. We'll get the legal position on the number some receive and when that suggests harassment.

Watch this space, and thank you again for your letter.