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Rough sleeper

May 24 2009
Man "accidentally" head-butted the officer who woke him by moving his cardboard A rough sleeper was arrested for assault after colliding with a London police officer. The incident took place on Sunday 15th March at approximately 2:30am. A spokesperson from Westminster Police confirmed that a 27-year old man, Daniel Burrell, of no fixed abode, was charged with assault on a police officer on 16th March. Mr Burrell appeared at Westminster Magistrates Court two days later and has received a one-year community order. The Pavement was told that two men were sleeping on Adam Street, off the Strand in Westminster, central London, when they claim policemen approached and woke them up by trying to move the cardboard underneath them. One of the men, thinking he was being attacked, sat upright quickly, which he told outreach workers meant he "accidentally" head-butted the officer. Although the police were able to confirm that an arrest took place on John Adam Street, which is just off Adam Street, they could not provide any comment on the nature of the incident.