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A strange invitation

May 24 2009
Come and get food, blankets and alcohol, urge mysterious couple at non-existent address Some rough sleepers in central London have received an unusual invitation (pictured), offering them food, blankets and alcohol, all at a private address that doesn't seem to exist. A reader contacted The Pavement after receiving an invitation and met others with the same bits of paper, suggesting we look at what is behind it. But aside from discovering that the postcode does not exist, nor apparently the road, we are none the wiser. The invitation offers to help rough sleepers with food and blankets, while setting down rules on alcohol consumption and clearing up after dogs, and supposedly comes from a Mr and Mrs Faraj. If it is a scam, we would expect the address to exist, so it seems more likely to be a cruel joke by persons unknown. If any reader can shed some light on this invitation, the reason behind it, or has received similar invitations, please get in touch.