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A plea to Obama

May 24 2009
Henrietta Hughes, from Fort Myers, highlighted the problem of US homelessness at a town hall meeting Henrietta Hughes, a homeless woman from Fort Myers, Florida, highlighted the huge problems of homelessness in the US when she stood up at the town hall and asked President Obama for help. When he came off stage and hugged her, it resulted in her problem being solved through housing provision. Ms Hughes is one of many homeless in America; the problem is predicted to worsen to 1.5m additional Americans becoming homeless as the recession hits harder. In Florida alone, 60,000 people were listed homeless two years ago, making the state third in the nation for the highest number of homeless. (California is ranked first) According to Linda Bergthold's report on, as many as 200,000 veterans may be sleeping rough, along with many others on a low income whose plight is such that they sleep in their cars or on the streets. The Stimulus Bill offers $1.5bn for the prevention and support of homelessness, providing money towards rent, housing searches and mortgages payments, as well as many other related areas. Community organisations in the US such as The Jericho Project, Beyond Shelter and Pathways to Housing are also providing innovative solutions to the issues. The National Alliance to End Homelessness website offers a 10-step strategy to address housing problems within communities.