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Iranian Slumdog

July 10 2009
Officers were unprepared for Talet Habibian‘s home... It was the fairy tale story that only seemed real in the movies - a slumdog who becomes a millionaire. But now police in Iran have discovered that there was a real life Slumdog living on their streets. When officers were called to the ramshackle home of Talet Habibian in Shahr-e-Kord, in the west of the country, they expected to just be recording the details of his death. They were not prepared for the rich bounty they discovered. Mr Habibian, who had spent his life begging and pleading for favours, had been hoarding more than ¬¨¬£7,000 in cash, precious jewellery and ornaments, and was also the owner of a number of lucrative businesses and acres of fertile farmland. Police have not established why Habibian, whose assets are expected to be worth millions of pounds, spent most of his life on the streets, but to his neighbours he will always be remembered as the local beggar.