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Kids out

May 24 2009
The startling figures for Scottish youth homelessness do not include the hidden homeless Sixty children become homeless every day in Scotland, according to figures in a report published recently by Citizens Advice Scotland. Since 2000, homelessness has risen steadily, with many more kids affected. Scottish Government figures show that almost 20,000 young people aged 16-24 were homeless in 2006/07, which means 1 in 30 young people in Scotland. This data does not include those children - so called "hidden homeless" - who leave their homes and find a temporary place to stay in a friend's house. The study outlines that young people usually leave home after an argument with a member of their family, without any alternative accommodation or the essential skills to sustain a tenancy on their own. Furthermore, the report also found a 27 per cent increase in the number of families with children in temporary accommodation over three years. Families are living in cramped conditions in B&Bs for months due to the lack of housing. One 16-year-old female in the South of Scotland who was ordered from home by her mother is now living in a tent due to a lack of suitable accommodation. Regarding the future, the image seems set to get even more grim and uncertain in the current financial situation. Shelter Scotland's director Graeme Brown said: "A decent, warm, safe home is crucial to all aspects of children's well being."