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30,000 Scots now homeless

May 24 2009
We need more homes and we need them now, says Shelter Scotland‘s spokesperson Nearly 400 people lost their homes in the six months to last September because they couldn't pay the mortgage. The statistics show a two per cent rise in the number of homeless people to 29,361, sparking calls for action from the Scottish government. Individuals or families living in temporary housing at the end of 2008 hit more than 10,500, up seven per cent on the previous December. Shelter Scotland's Graeme Brown said: "These figures are a stark wake-up call to crank up housing supply in Scotland. "We already had a housing crisis in Scotland before the recession took hold. Now we face the possibility of thousands more people in need of a roof over their heads because their house has been repossessed or they have been evicted for rent arrears. We must build more homes - and swiftly." Andy Young, of the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations, said the figures underlined the need for government cash to build 10,000 affordable homes for rent. He said: "These statistics relate to the period in the immediate aftermath of the credit crunch and are likely to be the tip of the iceberg as the economic downturn takes hold." Labour housing spokeswoman Mary Mulligan said: "These figures should serve as a wake-up call to the SNP. The real picture is probably even worse because these statistics relate to the period before the recession really began to bite."