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Smile, you\'re on camera

July 06 2009
Police told to stick to the rules in case of cameras With the airing of another reality TV show, this time the BBC's Famous, Rich and Homeless, the police are being accused of changing tactics in dealing with the homeless to avoid being caught on film or upsetting a celebrity. The show, renamed from the previous series Filthy Rich and Homeless, and broadcast at the end of June, showed five 'celebrities' sleeping rough in Camden and Westminster. However, London newspaper the Camden New Journal has uncovered police emails warning officers that celebrities would be sleeping out in their area and reminding them to stick to the rules when talking to those on the street. One published email stated: "If you are conducting stop and account or stop and search please comply fully with PACE [police and criminal evidence rules] and if you have to use force during an arrest please be sure that the level is proportionate." So, if you're suffering the unwanted attention of the police, get a look-alike to accompany you. ‚Äö?Ѭ¢ Ex-tennis star Annabel Croft, a participant in the show, showed some thought to getting by on the street: in the show she was seen reading the November issue of The Pavement.