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Duvet Man on Facebook

July 06 2009
Tributes are a little premature... A rough sleeper from Hastings has his own fan-base on Facebook, but one paying tribute on the assumption that he died. As with 'Toxic Terry', whom we covered in the March issue, it's not unknown for a Facebook page to be set up for someone on the street; but in the case of 'RIP Duvet Man', it assumed that he "went swimming but never returned". 'Duvet Man', who was often seen around Hastings wearing little more than a duvet, attracted 400 'friends' on the site, with affectionate comments such as: "He did flash some of my friends, but I'll always love him." However, an investigation by Emily Eldridge, of the Bexhill-on-Sea Observer, has found out the tributes are premature. She told The Pavement he's "alive and rehoused in Sussex."