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MP's expense and being on the street

September 24 2009
Bloated claims are an affront Dear Editor, The real tragedy of the MP's expenses scandal is the affront it presents to homeless people. It also offends all those who care for them, including the multitude of volunteers who engage in helping others for no other personal purpose than the satisfaction of doing so. Many services for the homeless, unemployed and marginalised simply would not be able to function without the generosity of these armies of volunteers. Much of this work goes unnoticed, even when volunteers have been around for years and years. By contrast, MPs seem able to claim for anything that takes their whim. Many have second homes that remain empty for much or all of the year. Others rent out these homes to their families and friends at a profit to themselves. Surely this a clearly defined and real insult to the dignity of the homeless? Will these MPs be prosecuted? Well, don't hold your breath. Yours Sincerely, Tony Porter Dear Mr Porter, thank you for your letter, and I hope you'll like a couple of the cartoons in this issue - pages 18 and 31. Editor