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Pavement readership survey

May 18 2009
Our first readership survey has made your views - both positive and negative - clear Keep the letters coming in, but please do put your name on them, even if you wish to remain anonymous. We've received several interesting letters recently that were unsigned and so we couldn't use them (or, importantly, send out the t-shirts). We've had the first few forms back from our readership survey. The forms went out to many of our stockists, day centres or soup runs, and some of the comments are printed here. There're still a lot of forms to come in, but it's encouraging to get some written feedback as opposed to spoken comments and letters. Comments on The Pavement: "Nothing should be changed; a good read." "I enjoy it all." "You say it as it is!" "Sh*t" "Doesn't follow the council's view on homelessness." What you'd like to see in future: "More views from homeless people." "Interviews with politicians." "More information about day centres and nightly soup runs." "Stop printing it, and use the money for something people want." "I would like to see an interview with a long term rough sleeper who wants to be out." "More comments by readers in the news." What's the worst part of the paper: "Some of the information is out of date." "There is no 'worst part' of The Pavement." It's a mixed bag of comments, but mostly positive, and when we've all the results in we'll try to implement readers' views. For a start we are trying to set up a few interviews with politicians, as several readers have suggested.