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New housing regulations

February 03 2010
More private rented sector housing for unintentionally homeless people

The Scottish Parliament this month passed new regulations to allow more use of the private rented sector for rehousing those made unintentionally homeless. Local authorities will have the option to negotiate short assured tenancies with private landlords.

Housing and Communities Minister Alex Neil, said:

"It’s imperative we do all we can to achieve our 2012 target of offering all unintentionally homeless, accommodation. We have taken on board the views of key bodies such as Shelter Scotland and COSLA on this issue. The private rented sector has become increasingly professional in recent years and we want to encourage responsible landlords to work with their public sector partners to tackle homelessness."

Firm Foundations, the first major review of housing policy in Scotland, stated that the Scottish Government would carry out a review of the private rented sector and also consult on amending the existing Homeless Person Interim Accommodation (Scotland) Regulations 2002 to enable more use of the private sector to rehouse homeless people.