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Obituary - David Binger

April 02 2010

If you think London has been a bit quieter in recent weeks, it may be because it sadly lost one of its characters. David Binger, who achieved long-awaited stardom as Drax alongside Annabel Croft in BBC's Filthy Rich and Homeless, passed away in the first week of March. You might have met David performing on Embankment or in Convent Garden, or having a relaxing beverage in a park. If you had the pleasure, he will have left a lasting impression. As of yet, there is no news on a service; however, David had been living in a hostel in Victoria, so you may want to contact them. If there is an afterlife, it just got livelier. Rest in peace, David.


Full name supplied, by email


Thank you for letting us know. We've confirmed this with Southwark Coroners, who recorded his death on 3 March.