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Thames Reach back on the booze campaign

July 10 2009
Raise tax on strong lagers and ciders, urges charity Homeless charity Thames Reach is urging the Government to raise the price of super-strength beers. London-based Thames Reach is asking for tax to be raised on strong lagers and ciders in a bid to tackle the serious health and social problems they can cause homeless people. This plea echoes the view of police chief Peter Fahey, who recently asked the Government to reduce the availability of nine per cent booze. Thames Reach director James Francis said: "Our campaign is not a moralistic one. Our intention is simply to highlight the impact of the super-strength lager phenomenon developed over the past 20 years across the UK and the entirely unacceptable cull of people whose deaths are hastened through consuming these products. "We need support and help from the breweries and Government to end the easy availability of nine per cent lagers and to accept that the cost of cheap, super-strength lager is, in human terms, simply too high." Mr Francis noted that a single 500ml can of nine per cent super-strength lager contains four and a half units of alcohol, exceeding the Government's daily recommended safe alcohol limit of three to four units for men and two to three units for women. Such high alcohol content is also a clear breach of the drinks industry's own corporate social responsibility guidelines.