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May 18 2009
The self-help charity will not replace its board of trustees‘ chair Charity Groundswell, which was at the centre of a controversy when The Pavement reported that the chair of its board of trustees is also director of Homeless Link, is not looking for a replacement, as previously declared. A spokesperson for Groundswell said: "Dominic Williamson is still the chair of our board of trustees and we are not looking for another chair, but only for volunteers interested to be members of the board." Mr Williamson, director of policy at Homeless Link, has been linked to Groundswell, the charity aimed at homeless users, since November 2006. However, the Groundswell chair, who rejected any idea of a possible conflict of interests, had told The Pavement that the organisation was seeking to recruit new board members and that he would eventually have stood down as chair to let someone else take over. He had explained his presence on the board of Groundswell and among the staff of Homeless Link, saying that "someone from the National Homeless Alliance (then Homeless Link) has always been on the board as a way of supporting Groundswell's work." "When I joined Homeless Link, my predecessor was on the board, and I joined to replace her," he added. Groundswell aims to create "a network of groups of homeless people who are engaged in self-help solutions to homelessness." Homeless Link is "the national membership organisation for frontline homelessness agencies in England."