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Perfect storm brews for homelessness

November 07 2011
Shelter Scotland warns of the possibility of a significant rise in the number of homeless people


Leading housing charity Shelter Scotland has warned that the current economic climate threatens to create the ‘perfect storm’ that will lead to a significant rise in the number of people who are homeless.

The charity has warned that the combined impact of cuts, job loses and reductions in housing benefit could lead to more and more people finding themselves unable to keep up payments on their homes.

Gordon MacRae, of Shelter Scotland, said: “As Scotland begins to feel the full impact of savage cuts to jobs and housing benefits, and as more people face even greater debt, the perfect storm is brewing for a rise in homelessness.”

According to the charity, over 200,000 people have used their credit card to pay their mortgage or rent in the last year.

MacRae added: “This reliance on high-interest options such as credit cards to pay rent or a mortgage is highly dangerous and can lead to people feeling overwhelmed by their financial struggle.

“It is crucial they face up to the facts and get advice sooner rather than later.” Last month the charity advised those struggling to make payments on their home to consider taking in a lodger.

It launched a new online advice guide giving potential landlords the lowdown on what to expect day-to-day after taking in a lodger or subletting their property. It also gives advice about legal and tax implications and supplies a lodger agreement, which can be downloaded for free.