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Man dies on Ilford street

February 10 2012
Death from natural causes for man with “a good heart”


A 45-year-old rough sleeper, Leonard Hiller, died outside Ilford Baths, Ilford, Greater London, on 27 December, but his family were only found a week into January.

Speaking to the Ilford Recorder, his mother, Glenda Hiller said: “He got into drinking and drugs and he completely changed to a different person.

“But he had a good heart. If he saw an old lady with a heavy bag, he would help her. He wasn’t nasty in any way. “We put him in shelters but he didn’t want to do that. He would rather have a can of Special Brew or White Lightning and be on the streets.”

Leonard Hiller died of natural causes, and his funeral service was held on 30 January in Weeley, Essex.