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Charging on the move

December 10 2012
Does your day centre allow you to plug your mobile in?


Earlier this month a homeless man in Florida, 28-year-old Darren Kersey, was jailed after being caught charging his phone at a local charging station in a park picnic shelter.

The arresting officer informed him he should be charging his phone at local homeless shelters, noting in his arrest report that “theft of city utilities will not be tolerated during this bad economy”.

After spending a night in the cells, Kersey was released the next day after the judge threw the case out of court on the grounds there was no legal justification.

For most of us our mobiles are a lifeline to the world, but keeping the battery charged is not always easy. We took a straw poll among coffee shops and fast food restaurants in London, and the general consensus appears to be is that if you are a paying customer you can use their electricity and Wifi.

However, out of a broad selection of day centres we spoke to across the country, only three confirmed they always allow visitors to charge their phones: West London Day Centre, Whitechapel Mission and Glasgow City Mission. Many others said that it would depend on individual circumstances.