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Pitch and putt killer still at large

April 11 2013
Part of the leaflet issued by Sussex police Part of the leaflet issued by Sussex police


Police are no closer to finding the murderer of rough sleeper Lea Williams (pictured).

Mr Williams suffered fatal injuries to the head and face and died in the arches adjacent to the Hove pitch and putt course, Sussex, at the beginning of February (see The Pavement March issue). A photo taken of Mr Williams and his friends in the arches where he died has been released by the police, but the photographer remains unknown.

Detective Chief Inspector Ian Pollard, who is leading the investigation, said: "An anniversary appeal at the scene of the crime on Monday 18 February did result in local people providing information, but to date this has not led us to Lea's murderer(s)."

Although the police remain hopeful that DNA evidence may unlock clues about the killer, they have not yet named either the suspect or the possible murder weapon. Detective Inspector Wendy Burton said: "Forensic examinations of the many items that were found lying around Lea's body are ongoing.

"DNA testing like this takes time but it is a vital part of the investigation and may tell us who else was in the archway with Lea between Sunday, 10 February and Monday, 11 February, when his body was found."

The police are still gathering and reviewing hundreds of hours of CCTV footage recorded in the vicinity of the murder. If you have any information, please call 101 quoting Operation Depot.