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One man and his dog

April 11 2013
Walkies! Walkies!
...and a 184-day trek through sub-zero temperatures, sleet and snow!


One man, one dog and a 184-day trek through sub-zero temperatures, sleet and snow. That's the challenge Wayne Hall set himself, in a bid to raise £10,000 for Shelter.

A self-employed tiler, Mr Hall, 46, set off on his epic trek through the Scottish Wilderness in February with only his dog Jerry for company. With just a tent for shelter Mr Hall and Jerry have survived by living largely off the land, on a diet of fish, berries and edible plants, and the occasional bacon buttie when offered by kind-hearted stranger.

Mr Hall said: "The dog and I have enjoyed every minute of the trip so far but it's also really hit home why we're doing this.

"There have been a few mornings when we've woken up to find the water bottle and food completely frozen, and that's inside a good quality tent. I can't imagine what it's like for people who have to sleep rough night after night."

Mr Hall has experienced homelessness first-hand after losing his home nine years ago when his landlord died and the property was inherited and sold. He added: "I chose to raise funds for Shelter Scotland because I empathise with anyone who has lost the roof over their head. The one thing that is getting me through the cold, wet and snow is the thought of raising money to help others in my situation."

Mr Hall's trip started at Loch Morar in the Highlands on 25 February, and he will travel across Scotland, stopping at 25 lochs on the way. He'll complete the expedition on his 47th birthday at Galloway Forest Park on 27 August.

Throughout his journey Mr Hall had been keeping his followers up to date on his and Jerry's progress by posting regular news on his Facebook page and Twitter account. To donate visit: