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Cuts to Broadway funding

May 18 2009
Hammersmith and Fulham council says local groups working with the homeless as they were not a "political priority" A recent meeting of the Tory-run Hammersmith and Fulham council on announced on April 16 that cuts of £34m have been prepared to statutory services, including home care, mental health provision and services for the homeless, such as the Broadway day centre. "We have been told the funding cuts will be for a limited time, but this is not going to impact in the way we deliver our service," a spokeswoman for the Broadway day centre told the The Pavement in a phone interview. According to the Hammersmith and Fulham Labour party website, the council has reduced funding for 31 local groups including those working with the homeless, people in need of legal advice, children and minority ethnic groups, as they were not deemed a "political priority." Among them, the website claims, the Broadway Centre is to lose all its funding from the council, equivalent to £34,293. The Hammersmith Law Centre, based in King Street, also faces a huge cut in its council funding, accounting for roughly 60 per cent, or £159,132, of its annual budget. This organisation provides legal advice on homelessness, among other topics, to some of the most vulnerable local people who would otherwise not be able to defend themselves or pay their fees. Twelve lawyers, who also give free advice to other charities and unions, staff the Law Centre. They have already experienced the threat of a closure in the past.