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Film tells rough sleeping story

November 03 2014
Film maker launches Kickstarter campaigner to raise funds

An emerging film maker hoping to make a film about the true story of a young women on living on the streets of London, is launching a campaign to raise funds.

A Horse Called Oz will be a short film based on the true story of Naomi, a horse riding instructor who came London after her a family breakdown and ended up sleeping rough.

Director Paul Young, who previously made The Glowing Hours, first met Naomi in Camden.

He said: “Meeting Naomi opened my eyes to a lot of things. I think a true sign of strength is the ability to change and start over when you’re in a completely alienated situation. It takes a lot of grit and determination, and a sense of purpose – in Naomi’s case, that was working with horses.”

Young is looking for funding for his Indiegogo campaign, but called on those who can’t afford to give to spread the word and support by sharing information about the film.