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Greece plans for homeless

July 05 2015
Emergency measures inlude shelters, food and free electricity

The Greek government plans to provide mobile showers and laundries, as well as specialist staff, to help homeless people in Athens.

Minister for Social Solidarity Theano Fotiou revealed the plans in a response to a question in Parliament. She said there are also plans to create more shelters for homeless people in Athens, as welfare services have 240 buildings that are not being used.

Citing a University of Crete study, Fotiou said there are roughly 17,700 homeless people in Attica.

The government received some 90,000 applications for rent subsidies of between 70 and 220 euros per month under the “humanitarian crisis” law passed earlier this year. Another 210,000 applications had been received for meal coupons and free electricity since the scheme was launched in April.