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Offensive cartoon

May 18 2009
Our cartoon about Pope Boniface the Third irritates a reader Dear Sir, Your cartoon in the April issue, featuring a joke on Pope Boniface the Third, is offensive to me as an ex-Benedictine monk, a Catholic and a Christian. I think you should apologize publicly for sending up a man whose spiritual reign, from 418 to 422 AD, was a short but remarkable papacy. What next for your publication? Jokes and cartoons on Muslims, Jews, and other religions? See how they react. Name withheld By email Dear Reader, I'm sorry you should find a cartoon so offensive, but the joke within it was a pun based on the name, not made against the Catholic Church, doctrine, or the teachings of Christ. We don't set out to offend, and if I thought we had insulted Christian sensibilities, the reaction I'd expect is forgiveness, surely. Editor