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You are not alone

February 27 2018
If you have thoughts about taking your own life, ask for help If you have – or have had – thoughts about taking your own life, then it's important you ask someone for help.

Research from Groundswell

It may be difficult to ask for help or for you to see at this time that you're not alone and you can be helped.

Suicidal feelings can be caused by many factors. They can affect anybody regardless of gender, age or background. If you are experiencing suicidal feelings, are angry, upset and struggling to keep yourself safe, it’s important to remember that these feelings cannot, and will not, last. Like all feelings, they will come and go. The suggestions below may help. Try one of them or combine several of these ideas.

The Pavement says there are more ideas about where to get help – see 'Get help'.

Find a safe place
Make your way to a crowded space, somewhere you know people and won’t be alone.

Find somebody to talk to
In person, on the telephone or even send a text. You may not feel able or want to talk about how you are feeling, but having someone to have a conversation with, even about the weather, may enable you to shift your thinking and manage your emotions. You may begin to feel comfortable about sharing your feelings in the future.

Avoid using drugs and alcohol
Consuming these will make you feel worse and put you in further danger.

Go to hospital
If you feel that you are in danger, call an ambulance. Or go to A&E where you can receive help. They will also help you explore what’s causing you to feel suicidal.

Distract yourself
Go for a walk and distract yourself. Try making a list in your mind of the colours of cars you pass, or count your footsteps. This can help you regain focus, and calm your mind, as you have to focus on the list.