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July 25 2018
Do your phone mishaps make you laugh or scream?

Do your phone mishaps make you laugh or scream? Jamie Jackson has needed six over the past three months, but he’s taking it well.

I was looking for my phone in the taxi. Found it, shut the door, then totally forgot I'd popped my mate’s phone on the cab roof. Only remembered when he asked me where his phone was a few hours later. #LostNotFound

Dropped my mate’s phone in a night club urinal. Thankfully it was waterproof. And I noticed halfway through. #Yes2WashAndWash

Standing taking a selfie on the beach when a huge wave rushes the beach and makes me drop the phone. It’s not an underwater phone. #SlipperyWhenWet

Infuriated the onboard bus steward by asking for the one flavour she didn't offer, which then everyone else kept asking for. Karma was served by my leaving my phone on that bus. #LostNotFound

The last thing I remember about the amazing new phone I got was my date for the night saying, “Yeah, I don't think that phone charging application is real.” Apparently, you still have to plug a phone in or sit on a WiFi base station to charge a bloody phone. #ItsAllTrue

Called my phone on the landline to see if I could find it. I’d just left the utility room and could hear it vibrate, but it sounded like it was vibrating in the bathroom sink but soon stopped. Then I heard a clank, clank noise in the washer and discovered the phone going around in my wash on full spin! #RingYourClothesMuch

I thought it would be fun to see if my old Nokia could break a pint glass on vibrate. Told my brother I’d pop next door and call from the landline. He says, “Ah, it’s no working.” I came through to see what was going on. Phone is dead. #EmptyTheGlassFirst

Boyfriend dumped me by text. The last I saw my phone it was floating down a canal in Manchester! I don’t think jumping in, retrieving it and then dropping it in some rice to dry off was an option. #DeathByRomance