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Q: Should sexual assault be reported to the police?

A selection of answers from ThePavementMagazine Facebook page A selection of answers from ThePavementMagazine Facebook page

Susan: It’s a serious crime, of course.

Lucy: Even if it feels low level, giving police the report may help build a picture of a serial offender. There's no should about it though, it's up to each person to decide whether they can face it.

Ruby: Most women I know who were sexually assaulted never reported it for various reasons, including reprisals.

Carly: If it was me, yes, but I know a lot of people won’t because it won’t be believed or investigated, or out of shame or embarrassment due to family/ culture.

Cristina: Yes sexual assault should be reported. But I’ve never reported my sexual assaults to the police.

Mat: Women are not letting the side down if they don't report assaults. They've been a victim once, don't make them a victim twice by shaming them.