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March 01 2019
Hints for safer computing from Ian Kalman.

Hints for safer computing

  1. Choose a simple email address. Use your own name, but don’t be surprised if someone has the same name. If this happens add a number. It’s OK to make a note of your email.
  2. Make the password something you will remember, favourite sports team or movie star. Maybe use an actor as your memorable password, adding a number/s and upper case letters, like "johNNydepp2". It’s not a good idea to note down your password, try and learn it. For example if you do use johNNydepp2, think of a movie he made, and make a note of that.
  3. The internet is a vast place. If you do a search be as accurate as you can in using a search engine. Typing a question into Google can be a good way to get an answer. Where is the nearest food bank?
  4. Do a computer course. Check at your local library or day centre.