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Do the maths

Cheap as chips phone deals picked by Ian Kalman

Q: What is your local connection?

Ian Kalman points out that the law of connection has many inconsistencies between councils

Help with Universal Credit

Stuck by a UC problem? Ian Kalman offers solutions

Streets of Gold
Ian Kalman invites you to be interviewed for his book, Streets of Gold.
Get yourself an email
Hints for safer computing from Ian Kalman.


MPs need to say yes
Crisis held a conference in Westminster to announce  their plan to end homelessness. Ian Kalman was there
News in brief, May–June 2018

Fighting the Dragon
Ian Kalman experiences the supportive atmosphere at London’s Dragon Cafe first hand, and mental health nurse Christina Clarke explains why projects like this are so vital.
What Cathy came home to
Cardboard Citizens have reinterpreted Cathy Come home for the 21st century.
Three in four Universal Credit tenants in arrears
"as an ex rough sleeper I feel this scheme has not been fully thought through"


Can you hear me?
Zoom workshops for actors and singers. Report by Ian Kalman

Act now

Meet the people running Act Now, a performing arts programme for young people, writes Ian Kalman

The play's the thing
This interview with the Deputy Mayor of London, James Murray, was held at City Hall. Report by Ian Kalman

Art for life
Photography and theatre can change homeless people's lives
Crisis at Christmas
Crisis at Christmas can be a turning point, says Pavement volunteer Ian Kalman, who claimed it helped him find a way off the streets
Journey of a Citizen
A longstanding member of Cardboard Citizens finds out what the company means to homeless people


Surviving the streets
Ian Kalman slept rough for 18 months. Here’s what he learned...
Eight years ago Ian was reborn. After reading this, you  might see you have had a rebirth too...


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