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March 01 2020

Cheap as chips phone deals picked by Ian Kalman

Years ago you had two choices: pay as you go or contract. Later on simonly deals appeared. I will not cover any contract that depends on your credit worthiness, the companies mentioned take anyone and you can cancel anytime. If you need to make a phone call abroad look at Lycamobile or Lebara. But you might prefer to talk using the WhatsApp app.

Giff Gaff was the place to go. For £20 you got unlimited everything, but then they wised up and now it’s £25 and only the first 40GB is on 4G then you go to 3G.

3 network offer some good deals and you can buy a PAYG (pay as you go) voucher for £35 for 30 days.

You can get good deals with For £20 a month they offer unlimited calls and texts, 45GB (not enough for me) and unlimited use of any social media.

I am using Superdrug. I pay £20 a month for unlimited everything and so far it’s been great. You can pick up a sim at any Superdrug store, but you pay £10, then you must go online to activate it and top-up if you think you need extra data. Payment is only online, either set up an automatic payment deal or cancel that and pay when you want.