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Housing Information - Your Rights
Finding solutions

Issue 131 is all about Solutions, so in this issue you’ll find articles, interviews, cartoons, and, of course, the List ...

Period piece

Meet the team helping to solve tricky periods. Report by Justina Jameson

Dealing with trauma and trauma informed care
Benefits pitfall

Unravelling the benefits maze by Ian Kalman

Question time
What’s the point of evaluating research on health care and homelessness?


News in brief 132: May – Jun 2021

Our round-up of what‘s been happening...

SCOTLAND - Some news in brief

Scotland - a round-up of what‘s been happening...

News in Brief 131: Mar – Apr 2021

Our round-up of what‘s been happening...

Photostories 131: Mar-Apr 2021

Photos with a story!

News in Brief 130: Jan – Feb 2021

Our round-up of what‘s been happening...

Photostories 130: Jan-Feb 2021
Photos with a story!


Keeping clean

ShowerBox was set up to provide homeless people and people sleeping rough with a simple, yet difficult to find service: A free and secure shower. Interview by Sheryle Thomas

Patient Lee waiting
  • Before finally being operated on, Lee Foxall endured an agonisingly long wait for heart surgery. From his hospital bed, Lee spoke with Giselle Green about the uncertainty and the loneliness of waiting
Gone missing

Every issue of the Pavement we run a Missing People advert
(see p2). Here Kate Graham from the organisation reveals how effective those ads can be

Outside looking in

How being homeless left even more people on the outside, by Mat Amp 

Write start

Author Hannah Green discusses writing and homelessness with our trainee reporters, Paul Atherton, Lee Foxhall, Charlie Radbourne, Sarka, Sheryle Thomas & trainer Giselle Green

In pod we trust

How can night shelters be made more comfortable? Architect George Fisher talks through his pod solution for Ilford. Interview by Jake Cudsi


Creative writing

Confronting and (gradually) overcoming grief and writer’s block,
by Mat Amp

Nell's lightbulb moment

Nell's salon vision imagined by Ella Meyer

Confronting cruelty

What links vulnerable children, missing people and adult homelessness? Report by Rosie Roksoph

A new day

Is it just possible that things are changing for the better? Round-up by Deputy Editor Mat Amp


The book No Fixed Abode written by Maeve McClenaghan was reviewed in the last edition of the Pavement magazine. Here Maeve explains what motivated her. Interview by Sarah Hough

Better believe

Round-up of the 21st century lowlights and some positive personal changes by Mat Amp


Much too young: Kevin & Alex
Kevin and Alex are the reality behind the stats. Someone who sleeps rough has an average age of 47. Life expectancy in the UK is 81.
Florida homeless paper's editor dead
Suicide of Tampa Epoch’s founder leaves paper’s future in doubt
The names
Annual service remembers 146 homeless men and women
Alexander Withers
Wee Alex is badly missed by his friends and colleagues in Glasgow,
Commemorating friends and companions
The annual service of commemoration at St Martin’s was, as usual, touching and heart-breaking

Gerald Denny (Ged). Born: 02/03/55 Died: 08/12/18. Funeral: 17/05/19. Obit from Samir Jeraj (sent in August 2019).

Your voice

Best and worst times
We still need housing

How could Westminster spending more than £3 million to house just 42 homeless people be considered a success? Report by Paul Atherton

Seaside trip

A change is as good as a rest. Hostel-resident Ashley wrote six pages about her day trip to Brighton. Here are the edited highlights

Boarded up

Author and writer David Tovey shared his painting I’m on the Pavement yet again with the Pavement readers. He says: “I couldn’t just explain the picture in one paragraph, so I wrote it in sections like poetry” 

Healing art (Issue 129)

Morning on Beech Ward is a poem by George Robertson

Six degrees of separation

WarnIng: contains upsetting content. McGinlay’s focus on this issue’s theme unpicks the links between abuse, power and corruption.