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Housing Information - Your Rights
It's a HHHIT!

Meet the team helping homeless people in Haringey, London connect with GPs and improve the healthcare available to them. By Dr Seema Pattni and members of the Homeless Health Inclusion team

Feeding an Army

The People’s Army, founded in 2020, has provided meals and support to countless people in the past year and a half. Founder Hazel talks about the progress and plans for the future of the organisation.

Ian Kalman’s podcast

Ian Kalman’s unique brand of wit and charm available on podcast

Weighed down

When you’re homeless, the importance of having somewhere safe to store your stuff can’t be overstated. Sheryle Thomas speaks with members of the team working to make storage easier

Pain in the teeth

We all have a right to healthcare, but many believe our teeth aren’t covered. Sheryle Thomas speaks to the homeless health service with a dental surgery


News in brief 136: Apr-May 2022

Our monthly round-up of what‘s been happening...

NEWS IN BRIEF 136: Feb-Mar 2022

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On the ward

A hazy, enigmatic story of intrigue on the kaleidoscope of characters one meets on the hospital ward, written by the masterful Chris Bird

Staying connected

The importance of being connected with one another can’t be overstated and is essential to all people. Some thoughts on the need for connection, by Leon Eckford

Time to end homelessness

A darkly comic tale of government attitudes to homelessness, in which the PM has the last word. By scruffy scribe and friend of the Pavement, Chris Sampson

Crisis at Xmas

Every year Crisis at Xmas provides day centres for people experiencing homelessness. Here’s all the information you’ll need for this year’s Crisis at Xmas service. By Ian Kalman

Hope springs

After studying, struggling to find work, and then experiencing homelessness, it’s important to stay upbeat, and welcome the next opportunity.

My life has been a storm

Art and creativity can provide support and escape after experiencing trauma and homelessness. Trigger Warning: Some of the subjects discussed in this article may be upsetting for readers. 


The fuel for connection

Tackling the disconnection many of us have felt since the Covid-19 pandemic started, Mat Amp emphasises the need to share and empathise with stories

Circle of truth

Taking in the day-to-day, service delivery, addiction and work, Mat Amp explores what respect, disrespect and self-respect mean

Dual force

When it comes to mental healthcare for the homeless community, services have to acknowledge addiction as the mental health problem it is, says Charlie Radbourne

Lockdown, life & other things

Musings and meditations on the past 18 months, after a brush with bad health.

Creative writing

Confronting and (gradually) overcoming grief and writer’s block,
by Mat Amp

Nell's lightbulb moment

Nell's salon vision imagined by Ella Meyer


Much too young: Kevin & Alex
Kevin and Alex are the reality behind the stats. Someone who sleeps rough has an average age of 47. Life expectancy in the UK is 81.
Florida homeless paper's editor dead
Suicide of Tampa Epoch’s founder leaves paper’s future in doubt
The names
Annual service remembers 146 homeless men and women
Alexander Withers
Wee Alex is badly missed by his friends and colleagues in Glasgow,
Commemorating friends and companions
The annual service of commemoration at St Martin’s was, as usual, touching and heart-breaking

Gerald Denny (Ged). Born: 02/03/55 Died: 08/12/18. Funeral: 17/05/19. Obit from Samir Jeraj (sent in August 2019).

Your voice

Network connection

Refuge Network UK is the British arm of Refuge Network International, a small international charity. Its goal is to alleviate and eventually eradicate poverty. Speaking to executive director Charles Gimoh, Sheryle Thomas learns more about what they do.

On-screen initiative ...

Here’s a thought: why isn’t there a scheme to have films featuring portrayals of homeless people pay into a fund for homeless charities? Writes Chris Sampson

Best of times... Worst of times - Part 2
Best of times... Worst of times - Part 1
We still need housing

How could Westminster spending more than £3 million to house just 42 homeless people be considered a success? Report by Paul Atherton

Seaside trip

A change is as good as a rest. Hostel-resident Ashley wrote six pages about her day trip to Brighton. Here are the edited highlights