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On the ward

A hazy, enigmatic story of intrigue on the kaleidoscope of characters one meets on the hospital ward, written by the masterful Chris Bird

Staying connected

The importance of being connected with one another can’t be overstated and is essential to all people. Some thoughts on the need for connection, by Leon Eckford

Time to end homelessness

A darkly comic tale of government attitudes to homelessness, in which the PM has the last word. By scruffy scribe and friend of the Pavement, Chris Sampson

Crisis at Xmas

Every year Crisis at Xmas provides day centres for people experiencing homelessness. Here’s all the information you’ll need for this year’s Crisis at Xmas service. By Ian Kalman

Hope springs

After studying, struggling to find work, and then experiencing homelessness, it’s important to stay upbeat, and welcome the next opportunity.

My life has been a storm

Art and creativity can provide support and escape after experiencing trauma and homelessness. Trigger Warning: Some of the subjects discussed in this article may be upsetting for readers.