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News in Brief 123: Nov-Dec 2019

News in brief written by Jake Cudsi.

News photostories 123: Nov - Dec 2019

Photostories from the Pavement team.

Free water in London

Drinking fountains for London.

Get out

The annual CHAIN report on rough sleeping in London reveals some disturbing trends.

Housing First

Liverpool City Region has launched a fast-track housing scheme for the homeless.

Mapped Out

Quddous Ahmed spent five months on the streets in 2015. In those five months he was racially abused, hit with a rock and his sleeping bag was set on fire. His struggles during homelessness inspired him to create Hounslow Soup Kitchen


Hostel help

Sarah Hough finds out about the frustrations a project worker experiences trying to move clients through the hostel system 

Hostel Life

Everyone has something to say about staying in a hostel. Here’s a guide to the pros and cons by David Lawrence

Hostels: How was it?

What are your feelings about staying in hotels or night shelters? Interviews by Claire Rivers 

Safe lives

Scarlett Hanson is a rock for women fleeing domestic abuse. Interview by Rosie Roksoph

Empathy masterclass

This year’s One Festival of Homeless Arts, set up by David Tovey, takes place in Glasgow, London and Manchester. Interview by Jaqueline Messih

Let's talk

Talking about death can be helpful and help you live well. That’s why we’ve devoted this issue of the Pavement to the big taboo. 


Need to know

Useful information about night shelters

Need to know

Useful information about night shelters

Park life

StreetFest 2019, hosted by Give A Shift, Streets Kitchen and Jammin' for Change, is a September afternoon festival in the park for people who are homeless. Report from Jean Hindry who set up a stall for health charity Groundswell with colleague Gerry

You can complain

If you are living in a hostel, or supported housing, you can complain about unacceptable behaviour ...

Cut above

Need a haircut? Here’s how to get one, writes Viola Levy

Deaths on the street

A rough sleepers’ guide about dying homeless, by Alastair Murray who has helped run the annual Service of Commemoration at St-Martin-in-the-Fields since 2003


Finding yourself again

For me it was a struggle to survive, a struggle that I thought was going to kill me, but it showed me the way back to myself by Deputy Editor Mat Amp

Hostile hell

Horrible times in a hostel reported by McGinlay. This may be upsetting.

Two pay cheques away?

Being a couple of pay cheques from the street isn’t true for those with caring family or friends who can provide support. It’s telling us something different, says Simone Helleren, the need to destigmatise needing help.

Under one roof

Life in a hostel with the Singer, the Racist and the Spy, by Chris Sampson


Dying is just part of the cycle of life, writes Mat Amp

Healthy living now that you're dead old

Wit, wisdom and experience from Ruby 


Much too young: Kevin & Alex
Kevin and Alex are the reality behind the stats. Someone who sleeps rough has an average age of 47. Life expectancy in the UK is 81.
Florida homeless paper's editor dead
Suicide of Tampa Epoch’s founder leaves paper’s future in doubt
The names
Annual service remembers 146 homeless men and women
Alexander Withers
Wee Alex is badly missed by his friends and colleagues in Glasgow,
Commemorating friends and companions
The annual service of commemoration at St Martin’s was, as usual, touching and heart-breaking

Gerald Denny (Ged). Born: 02/03/55 Died: 08/12/18. Funeral: 17/05/19. Obit from Samir Jeraj (sent in August 2019).


PTSD (to educate)

A poem by McGinlay

A reader calls us out on an article.
Soup runs: a reader replies
Being treated with love and respect is important
Rough sleeping Catch 22
A reader responds to last month's article about the new antisocial behaviour act
Your View: Foodbanks shame
An open lettter to the Trussell Trust
Homeless ex-services personnel and housing
New legislation gives you priority