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April - May 2022 : Connection READ ONLINE




The fuel for connection

Tackling the disconnection many of us have felt since the Covid-19 pandemic started, Mat Amp emphasises the need to share and empathise with stories

Circle of truth

Taking in the day-to-day, service delivery, addiction and work, Mat Amp explores what respect, disrespect and self-respect mean

Dual force

When it comes to mental healthcare for the homeless community, services have to acknowledge addiction as the mental health problem it is, says Charlie Radbourne

Lockdown, life & other things

Musings and meditations on the past 18 months, after a brush with bad health.

Creative writing

Confronting and (gradually) overcoming grief and writer’s block,
by Mat Amp

Nell's lightbulb moment

Nell's salon vision imagined by Ella Meyer