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Streets of Gold

May 01 2019
Ian Kalman invites you to be interviewed for his book, Streets of Gold.

I have two goals in my life. One is to become a millionaire by the time I am 21, the other is to educate the public how incredible people on the streets are. I am 64 now, so I am too late for one of my targets…
I was a rough sleeper and when I became one, I was arrogant enough to think I knew what homeless people were like –  they were drunks, druggies and thieves. How wrong I was and how often have I seen the public reinforce the derogatory belief I once had. So, I have a two-pronged plan. First is to publish a book which will be a series of interviews. I also plan to start a podcast.

Now I need your help, if you would like to be interviewed for Streets of Gold or make any suggestions, email Ian Kalman at: