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I am the person you do not see

July 01 2019
Poem by Helena Sparks
I am the person you do not see
This is not the home I thought it would be.
My numbness has returned
Along with the memories I thought I had burned.
The longness of wanting my life back
Is split into like a massive crack.

I am the person you do not see
Why can’t you just look at me!
Am I a reflection of my dad
That when you see me it makes you mad?
I know I did things too
But not that bad that it split our family in two.

I am the person you do not see
Just talk to me is what I plea!
I wish the things that happened never did
And go back to being happy like we were kids.
I am the person you do not see
Mainly because you choose not to see me.

I am like the annoying thing at the corner of your eye
That you wish would get up and leave and say goodbye.
I think I preferred when no one was around
Where there was silence and no sound.
Alone undisturbed and in peace Here my anxiety would decrease.

Why can’t you see me? I am here
As bright as daylight and I am near.
I am that footprint on the beach
And the tide is coming in as far as it can reach.
I am almost gone from sight But I know that it will be alright.

As I am the person who you cannot see
And now is my time to get up and flee.
From these dreams of mine
I know I will be just fine.
But give it time and I will come home
And I will come back to my throne.

I need to get away from this place
And store the memories in a book on a bookcase.
I am the person you don’t see. You are just carefree!
I no longer have anything
I feel like I’m in a boxing ring.
Fighting the same fight. Every night.

But what is the point?
I think I have made it to the checkpoint.
It’s time for a new start
So I can slowly mend this heart.
As I am the person you will no longer see
Perhaps that’s the way it should be.