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Drink Up

July 01 2019
Martin © James Quigley Martin © James Quigley
1,001 ways to stay hydrated by James Quigley

1,001 ways to stay hydrated by James Quigley

If you’re finding it difficult to drink eight glasses of water a day (approx 2 litres), then look out for public taps in some train stations. For those with phones there is an app called Refill which shows shops which will refill water for free. It is still in the process of being developed but may be useful. Some McDonald's, pubs and friendly shops may also provide free water refills. If you can hold on to a big refillable bottle, then you won’t need to move to fill it up as often. Here are more tips from Pavement readers.

Ace: “You need water to survive but most places will give it to you if you ask for it nicely.”

Martin: “A lot of people give me water and there are a few drinking taps around. There’s one round the back of a supermarket that I use. It isn’t very clean, but you can drink it.”

Lucas: “I get given water a lot for me and my dogs. They really need it when it’s hot.”

Becks: “I have to use the big toilet in the shopping centre to wash as I’m disabled, just because I’m homeless doesn’t mean I have to be dirty. I can get some water from there.”