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News photostories 123: Nov - Dec 2019

November 01 2019

Photostories from the Pavement team.

This poem was written by Peter Gregory and David Gough after their third time made homeless. The pair also write short stories inspired by their experiences. If you’d like to be published in the Pavement please send your ideas, words or photos to the editor, In our first 2020 issue we’re focusing on street food.
© Gregory & Gough

Shut eye
We spend a third of our life asleep: where are you sleeping tonight? Outside? Inside? On cardboard? On a mat on the floor? Have you tried the night shelter camp beds? Is there a pillow? This picture was inspired by a story from our friends at the Museum of Homelessness during the Shock to the System event to mark World Homeless Day.
© Pavement

Priced out
Hackney had the highest increase in property prices in the UK over the past 20 years – up by 472%. Last year the total cost of temporary accommodation in Hackney increased from £7.2 million to £9.3 million.
© Pavement

Starting Universal Credit?
For a short time, Citizens Advice Bureau will help anyone make an initial application for UC until they get their first payment writes Ian Kalman. This ends in April 2020. CAB is at some job centres for a few hours, so either check in your job centre or go to your nearest CAB.

Or you can try CAB’s Help to Claim phone line. England tel: 0800 144 8444, Scotland tel: 0800 023 2581.
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Made my own
Dean from the 999 Club in Deptford Broadway working on an upcycled chair created from an old wardrobe door with help from mentor Ellen Svenningsen. Dean’s finished chair went on show at the V&A for the London Design Festival’s final day in September to showcase design solutions to the climate crisis. Dean’s chair makes good use of waste products, gives him the skills to make furniture for temporary accommodation and pride knowing that it will be donated to the People’s Kitchen based at the Royal Docks.
© 999 Club / V&A

Things I've learnt
Connection at St Martin-in-the-Fields has set up a Living Library where instead of taking out a book, librarians introduce you to a real life person – with opinions. Then the two of you have a chat and share stories over a cup of tea.
© Connection