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Housing Information - Your Rights
Finding solutions

Issue 131 is all about Solutions, so in this issue you’ll find articles, interviews, cartoons, and, of course, the List ...

Question time
What’s the point of evaluating research on health care and homelessness?
Pitch perfect

What’s it like wearing ppe? Big Issue vendors know

Recovery skills
Housing help in England & Scotland: Your rights

Getting housing help from your local council in England and Scotland


Photostories 131: Mar-Apr 2021

Photos with a story!

Photostories 130: Jan-Feb 2021
Photos with a story!
Better than nowhere

Health & Wellbeing in a Crisis

To help you stay healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic the Pavement has created a booklet HEALTH AND WELLBEING IN A CRISIS. Please download to read.

News photostories 123: Nov - Dec 2019

Photostories from the Pavement team.

News Photostories 121: July - August 2019
Photostories from the Pavement team.


Write start

Author Hannah Green discusses writing and homelessness with our trainee reporters, Paul Atherton, Lee Foxhall, Charlie Radbourne, Sarka, Sheryle Thomas & trainer Giselle Green

Survival stories

Our readers will know what difficulties they’ve faced during the Covid-19 lockdown. Here’s a shout out to some of the people and places who’ve offered help

Reasons to be cheerful

Where do you go when you are suddenly homeless? At writing workshops run by the Pavement we asked young people at New Horizon day centre in King’s Cross and the Pilion Trust in Islington, which runs the Crashpad youth shelter, to share ideas about how to pass time safely until life gets better again.

Stay upbeat when life gives you lemons
"Find a positive attitude. It's helpful because every day you'll face ups and downs. Don't give up."


You've got a friend

Ideas for lockdown life with and without WiFi from the Pavement writers

Tough times
Lawrence Blake is dealing with insecure housing and mental health problems


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Your voice

Sharing your creativity
Thank you for reading our Health & Wellbeing in a Crisis booklet and then sharing your fantastic words and images created during lockdown. Contributions from Chris Bird, Raymond Reilly, Rosie Roksoph, Chris Sampson, Sheila Wells and Alyson. If you want to see your work published here, please email