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May 01 2020

Ideas for lockdown life with and without WiFi from the Pavement writers

McGinlay’s most recent column in the Pavement was about taking control of life, even on a small level. She says:

“Be clever about what you do. If you are going for your shopping near a place which has free WiFi, then do 2 things at once. I’ve been making short walking trips to the shopping centre to buy food. I then stroll slowly using the mall’s WiFi to email and download what I need. Even when the shops are shut, you can find WiFi at shopping malls and town centres, outside betting shops and chains like Nando’s.”
TIP: Try to be productive when you do get access online, don’t spend hours on Facebook or Tik-Tok

Ian Kalman is an ex rough sleeper and regular contributor to the Pavement. He jokes: “I am now part of a National Advisory Panel which reports to the government. I am a human being. I got the certificate finally.” His tips: “We all go stir crazy. Things that have helped me are YouTube and Netflix.
I downloaded a mag app called which is free for two months and has all the mags I want to read. If you don’t have the internet you can do puzzles. Cardboard Citizens are doing a workshop on Zoom. We meet to read Daniel Defoe’s book A Journal of the Plague Year, published in 1722.
It’s interesting as Defoe was a tradesman, writer and spy and writers do like to write about what they know! I’ve got to learn 2 sections for a performance. Learning a part is a good way to pass time. 
TIP: Join Cardboard Citizens and do theatre and games workshops on line:

Jake Cudsi
collates our news stories. His tips:
1. Meditation is good – a chance to be a human being, not a human doing. For me the best thing to stave off boredom and depression is the same remedy as it always was - the consumption, study, and practice of art and creativity. I've taken up drawing again, writing and reading.
TIP: Classics and detective stories are good page-turners.
2. In a crisis friends are important, but helplines can save lives,
see p30-31.  3. The news is depressing, but I still use the Guardian which is free. For me Twitter and Instagram are the same hellholes they were before lockdown, littered with the occasional funny meme. Have a look at #irunathome 
4. Play boardgames with housemates or even via Zoom, which is free for 40 minutes.