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Better than nowhere

September 01 2020

As many readers of the Pavement know, homelessness and a lack of suitable housing blights efforts to rehabilitate offenders, which is why issue #127 reported on the widespread practice of releasing ex-prisoners into homelessness or uncertain accommodation. The latest update on this short-sighted, uncaring proces arrives courtesy of Inside Time. The newspaper for prisoners and detainees cites a report by HM Inspectorate of Probation (HMIP), the watchdog suggests exprisoners released into homelessness are committing crimes to get back into the relative security and shelter of prison. “Many individuals are homeless when they enter prison, and even more are when they leave. Individuals need a safe place to call home – it gives them a solid foundation on which to build crimefree lives,” found Chief Inspector of Probation, Justin Russell. 

The report found 11,435 cases of people being released from prison into homelessness in 2018-19 in England. These ex-prisoners were more than twice as likely to reoffend as people leaving prisons for their homes. Some organisations were praised for preventing this, including the Single Homeless Project.

Read complete HMIP’s report at: